The carefully selected staff at Villa Dewi Sri is professionally trained, friendly, cheerful and discreet. They are committed to providing you with an unforgettable stay and enjoying the most of your holiday. They offer you the luxury and service like the best hotels but with the privacy of your own villa.

Housekeeping and Chefs

The Villa Dewi Sri ladies, Made and Yeni will make you feel from beginning to the end really on holiday. Every morning they serve you a delicious breakfast and they may also be responsible for your everyday purchases and prepare to your wish, lunch and dinner. You can choose the most tasteful local and western dishes from our menu list, which they then masterfully cook it for you. Always prepared with fresh ingredients and the most fantastic vegetables and herbs. They speak English well and also do the housework and laundry. They can also help you sort out the various excursions and contact with our driver Ketut, if you want to go somewhere. Or they wil make an appointment for your massage. If needed, they can also quietly baby-sit a few hours on your kids if you want to leave. Made and Yeni are gold.





Garden & Pool

Putu and Gede, our 2 head gardeners, take care of our tropical garden with lots of love and passion. They maintain the swimming pool and the various seats/beds on the various terraces in our garden every day. Gede and Putu can each be found 6 days a week in our magical garden with its hundreds of flowers, orchids, plants and trees. If you want a lime, coconut or banana from the garden of Villa Dewi Sri, they are the right person to take care of it for you.

Given the size of the entire garden, we also have a Putu that Comes to help 4 days a week.

You probably won't see them much, but understand that they make sure the garden looks fantastic


The man of the night is our own Johny. While Bali and especially North Bali is very safe, we still use his services during the night. The security of Villa Dewi Sri protects you during the evening and night, so you can always speak to someone from the staff when needed. Johny keeps discreet and aloof, but will be able to help you at any time if needed. And during his day off you see Ketut, which then perceives its tasks.




Ketut is our villa manager, he is the right person to ask about our villa, the internet, DVD player, television and things like that. He wil come the day after arrival and bring you a visit ask for all of your wishes. He also ensures that your copy of your passport will be registered with the local government. Along with the rest of Staff, he will ensure a memorable stay at Villa Dewi Sri.

Villa Driver / Guide

Ketut ("driver"), our driver offers a safe and comfortable 8 seater car. He speaks good English and can pick you up from the airport or a place on the island where you stay before and bring you to the villa. During your stay you can rely on him for your tours and also he can show you the most beautiful spots on Bali. Or just some shopping in Lovina. Many guests have praised his knowledge of the island and its culture. And during the sometimes long trips he teaches you the simple words of Bahasa Indonesia. Service hours of Ketut are not included in the villa rate and a small fee to deal directly with him. He can also do all kinds of Hikes with you, feel free to ask him for advice and go out with him to climb a mountain or go through a tropical forest, for example.


Cambodja Spa

Massage & Beauty

Kadek and her team are our villa masseuses of the Cambodja Spa, their experienced hands are a real relaxation for body and mind. While enjoying a treatment in our Bale Bengong you hear in the background the sea and the birds in the tropical garden. Kadek and her team offer a range of treatments, from traditional Balinese massage with oil until hot stones. Also, manicure, pedicure or extensive facial is highly recommended. The very reasonable price list of our Kadek is available at Yeni or Made and you take out directly with its cash.


Yoga is becoming more and more popular. You stretch your muscles and do movements that you do not do in everyday life. That's great for maintaining flexibility and stability, but also coordination. It is not necessary to be willing to start yoga. Everyone has his or her own starting point. It's about your individual yoga trip, not who can do the best attitudes. Enjoy the learning process and take the time to perform the attitudes in the right way and control the breathing. Kadek also gives yoga lessons. These can be private lessons, but also group lessons. You can contact her directly for booking these classes.

Yoga-weeks are organized a few times a year. For more information, please contact us.